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Skin Your Smoke Wagon
Released 2018. The newest jewel from veteran Americana stalwarts, Porkchop Express. This journey through various incarnations of Americana styles follows a twisted and tragic narrative of love, loss, adventure, and revenge.

$10 for CD (includes shipping and handling) or Download for $7

Fault Lines and Good Times
Released 2009. Ten original songs that cover the great American themes of gun slinging brides, alien abductions, whiskey, the tragedy of meth, and whiskey!

$7 for CD (includes shipping and handling) or Download for $3.99

All You Can Handle EP
Released 2006. Six original songs recorded with Giovanni Moro in his basement studio of DOOM. Put it in the stereo, turn off the lights and close the blinds. Wait! What's that hand touching you? It's us.

Download for $2.99

The Clock Radio Sessions
Released 2004. Our glorious first album. 13 songs recorded in two and half days in a cozy Potrero Hill warehouse. The great Slingshot o'Fame is now pulled taut, holding us firmly in its cusp and ready to shoot us into the stars.

Download for $3.99

Yule Logs and Sexy Hogs
Released 2005. A little bit of Holiday goodness we threw together and gave as a gift to our fans at one of our Christmas shows.

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